We rock the JEEP!

We know how much you love your JEEP and your JEEP loves you back for taking great care of it!

With a team of JEEP enthusiasts aboard, Hammond 4WD Tyres & More not only provides high-quality mechanical service for you but also understands and shares the passion for Jeep driving.

Having an acclaimed reputation as Jeep specialists since 1974, our “One stop shop” is the largest JEEP spare parts on the Australian’s market.

Plus, we are happy to offer you full mechanical, tyre and wheel services. So no matter your needs, from a routine check, suspension/brakes service or a new set of wheels and tyres, we have the ability and expertise to fix the issue and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Top 6 reasons to JEEP on

  • To have a trusted vehicle on & off-road, from a safe family car to an adventurous safari explorer
  • Because life is a journey, so we’ve got to keep JEEPING
  • If we’re granted three wishes, then it’s adrenaline, fun and safety all together
  • Because life is too short to drive boring cars
  • For those three little words, we want to hear: “Let’s go JEEPING”
  • Because we know that home is where our JEEP is

Our JEEP experience over the years

Starting from a modest and tiny garage, a father’s commitment and infinite passion for Jeeps, Hammond 4WD tyres & more has been growing to a “One stop shop”.

Over the past 43 years, it has been successfully applying a 3-ingredient recipe: hard work, loyal customers and a household name amongst the Jeep community, South East Queensland and numerous other Australian and overseas locations.

Mark Hammond, owner and director of Hammond 4WD Tyres & more, took the company lead in 2004 and together with his team of motivated and skilled technicians have been making an impact amongst the ever-growing Jeep community.

Whether you need maintenance, repair or customisation for your, call us or pay us a visit today and see for yourself the Hammond 4WD Tyres & more difference!


  • Jeep Specialist Since 1974
  • Full Mechanical Services
  • Largest JEEP spare parts provider in Australia
  • JEEP & 4WD Customisations
  • Qualified Expert Technicians
  • High Quality Work
  • Excellent Reviews From Loyal Customers
  • New Offers & Great Service All Year Round


  • Knowing very little about tyres or wheels (or cars in general) I am at the mercy of mechanics and tyre technicians. Hammond Tyres are the first place that has earned my trust. No over-servicing, no up selling, just professional, honest service. Thanks guys. I appreciate your honesty.Lee Bess
  • Genuine caring people, offering great service, advice and knowledge from years and years of experience. I would not take my Defender anywhere else. Mark and the team know their stuff. Anyone who disagrees probably didn’t follow their advice.Drew Parker
  • Absolutely chuffed with the care and attention the team at Hammonds have given my Lola (aka Saab Turbo) near vintage years, haha. Like all diva’s, she can be quite a challenge, so thank you to Mark Hammond and your team for your professionalism and attention to detail.Lynne Lumley
  • Absolute legends we’ve had both our 4x4s done here. Their knowledge and work is top notch!Luke Bird
  • I replaced my old Yokahama 4wd tyres on my Hilux Duel Cab today after 100,000km combined road and beach use for new Yokahama 4wd tyres this morning at Hammond 4wd Tyres Capalaba. Amazing tyres for the price and great service. I’m glad Hammond talked me into the Yokahama’s when I first put them on 3 years ago. The All Terrain tyres have been outstanding in all conditions, I definitely recommend them for all round value for money. Compared to the standard Duellers that originally came with the 4wd there is no comparison between the 2. Duellers lasted up to 50,000km when they became weapons in the wet threatening the safety of myself and others on the road. Thumbs up Hammond for the right advice. I’ll be back in another 3 years for a new set of Yokeys.Michael Kellow
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